Welcome to Fischer Custom Knives
Fine handmade knives and Damascus steel.
The Methods
All knives are designed by myself or as a collaboration with a customer. All knives are handmade in my fully
equipped shop from raw materials - no other hands touch one of my knives from inception to completion

The Middle Ages Meets the 21st Century
Artist meets artisan meets engineer meets machinist? To the best of my knowledge and with all humility, I'm
one of very few individuals in the world with a full forging shop and CNC machining capabilities. Early in
2007, I bought a Haas CNC mill, learned how to operate it and learned CAD/CAM software. Damascus
steel, that I forge, ends up on my Haas TM1 CNC vertical machining center, machined out with a program
that I wrote myself.
This is infinitely satisfying...

About Me
I'm Todd  Fischer and I live on a small ranch in central Florida. I'm a full time maker with an engineering and
project management background. My experience in metal fabrication goes back five decades, when I
learned basic blacksmithing as well as several other disciplines, such as welding and machine work at the
age of 14. I have also worked and made a living as a full time blacksmith in the past.

Other Interests
I own horses, trail ride and camp.  I also like to hunt with gun and bow.

The Guarantee
All knives are guaranteed, to the original purchases, for my lifetime against defects in workmanship and materials*. I will repair
or replace any knife that fails, with a similar knife of equal or greater value.

* I do not guarantee natural materials, such as wood, ivory and stag, against shrinking and checking or cracking. Shrinking and
expansion with changes in temperature and humidity is characteristic of these natural and beautiful materials and is usually